Meet the Mongers

Jasminsheridan_cheesee Smith is a cheesemonger, whiskey lover, and coffee freak. She slung cheese for years at Cowgirl Creamery, Whole Foods and more, then started her own beer & cheese spread company. After realizing that spending eight hours a day alone in a kitchen was slowing driving her insane, she and her husband Joe packed up and took a year to travel around the world. There she explored Eastern Europe, worked at Sheridan’s in Galway, made cheese in County Cork and England, then finally crash landed back in San Francisco. She is now a cheese specialist sales rep for Greenleaf Produce (which is sort of like being a telephone cheesemonger).


Emilia Furey is a cheesemonger, food enthusiast, acting manager of Sheridans Cheesemongers Ltd Galway and native of Galway City and County in the West of Ireland. She loves reading information rich texts on nonsense topics, travelling to far away places, bursts of exercise agenda followed closely by eating delicious, fatty and luxurious foods as a reward for trying and snuggling up with her puppy Odie and partner, the Farmer John, in front of the fire with mugs of tea at their farmhouse in Headford, Galway. She hopes to be a grown up one day and maybe make her own cheese but for now she is enjoying learning all there is to know about being a cheese monger master and of course, tasting every cheese she can get her hands on – in the name of quality control and education – of course ;).

image00Ross Burnett’s cheese career started whey back in 2005 when he worked for I.J Mellis Cheesemongers in Edinburgh. In 2010 he switched from mongering to making, and moved down to Somerset to work for Mary Holbrook, ladling her goat curd late into the night. He survived for 18 months and moved up north to Nottinghamshire. Due to a conveniently timed serious injury to a member of Stichelton Dairy, a job opened up, and he started helping make Joe Schneider’s infamous Stichelton. When he is allowed out of the dairy he enjoys looking after his 8 goats, shooting, competitive retro gaming, whisky and of course eating.

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